Romines Architecture shapes contemporary building designs that embody the cultural expression and functional needs of their inhabitants and reflect the rich heritage of the local context. Our diverse team of architects and designers shares the conviction of creating timeless, efficient, and harmonic architecture that is distinct yet familiar.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of typologies and scales, and includes institutional and community projects, mixed-use developments, affordable housing, single-family residential and commercial work. 

Our work is thoughtful and creative, and is built upon design solutions that are fine-tuned to the specific parameters of each project. 

We pursue design excellence in all projects, and seek to create buildings and environments that are well-crafted, memorable, functional, and conscious of both environmental impact and social context. As a close-knit design team, we are hands-on and highly collaborative in our approach.

Our previous work has been successful in large part because of our ability to work closely amongst our team, with clients and consultants. We believe that good design is a product that is created through listening, understanding the issues, identifying the opportunities, managing the process and establishing a clear and compelling vision.